Spiral Galaxy Studio is a growing mobile game development start-up based in Culver City focusing on new technologies and games. We have several projects in production. Feel free to contact us for more info: info@spiralgalaxy.net

Vasken "Vincent" Bohossian, Co-Founder and CEO, holds a PhD in Computation and Neural Systems, and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. In 1998, he co-founded Rainfinity Corp., a network infrastructure and data storage company, which successfully sold to EMC Corporation in 2005. Dr. Bohossian was a Senior Associate at Wilshire Associates, in Santa Monica, where he led a team of financial software engineers. In addition to his management experience, Dr. Bohossian has over 20 high-profile scientific publications and holds more than 10 high-tech patents.

Debra Isaac Downing, Co-Founder and CCO , is an award-winning 3D designer and animator. She has produced over 200 animated videos for clients like Mattel, Disney, Spin Master and Jakks. She currently teaches Houdini (3D animation) at USC and LMU. In 2006, she animated ten short biological animations which earned international acclaim. Debra earned degrees from Design | Media Arts @ UCLA & USC Animation and Film.